3 Signs That Your Motorcycle Needs Servicing

Motorcycles are a convenient form of transportation. It can save time on the road. At the same time, it is an object of thrill for many people. The thrill seekers love to go on a long ride. The motorcycles need regular servicing to keep them in the best condition. Here are some signs that tell whether your motorcycle needs servicing or not.

Same engine oil is used for a long time

Lubricants allow the engine to perform at its maximum capacity. It helps to cool down the engine and prevent excessive heat from developing. If the engine oil is not changed, it will become dirty over time and lose its chemical properties. It is recommended by the motorcycle manufacturers to change the engine oil every 3,000 km to 6,000 km.

You should observe the colour of the oil through the window or by checking the dipstick. You should make sure that the oil levels are above the minimum mark; if it’s below this mark, then the oil must be leaking. Another sign is that if your engine sounds louder than usual, then you should understand that it’s time to change the engine oil.

The sprocket and chain are worn out

Sprockets transmit rotary motion between the two shafts where gears are not suitable. To check whether the chain is worn out, you should pull the chain from the sprockets on the rear wheel. Half a tooth of the sprocket will be revealed if the chain is worn out. You won’t be able to pool away a chain that is not worn out.

Dirty air filters

Your motorcycle won’t perform at its best if the air filters are dirty. Air filters help to get rid of the unwanted particles in the air so that they don’t enter the engine and affect their performance.

If the air filter gets clogged due to the development of dirt, then it won’t take in sufficient air. It will result in an imbalanced air-to-fuel ratio. If there is less air, then less energy will be generated.

You have to look out for these signs all the time to ensure that the engine is in good condition and take them to the mechanic or dealer. That way, your motorcycle will perform well all the time.